Tyre Warmers - Proline Model

Tyre Warmers - Proline Model

PriceFrom AU$3,499.00

The most durable warmers in the paddock!


Our tyre warmers made in USA are the easiest, fastest and most efficient to take on and off the car. 


Tyre warmers are the next "must have" saving thousands in the long run in tyre durability and track time. Manage your tyres heat cycles and hit the track with hot tyres from the start of your session, reducing warm up lap requirements, risk of spinning and no cold graining.


99% of our motorsport tyre warmers are built to common tyre sizes.  We simply need the brand, model and size of your tyre to have a set of our tyre warmers fitted to your vehicle. 


  • Temperature Adjustable with Solid State Micro-Processor and Digital Display
  • See actual tyre temperature while the warmer runs. Most accurate available on the market.
  • Use to set your Hot Tyre Pressures BEFORE you hit the track!
  • Temperature set point is changed with the push of a button - Range up to 100 degrees C.
  • Use higher temps to get ready to hit the track & lower temps for saving Heat Cycles in between track sessions. Safely heat rain tyres and different compounds
  • Soft Suitcase
  • Foam Filled hard case for the Digital Controllers


Standard colours are red, blue or black. The Chrome option is an aluminised kevlar which not only looks great, is tear-resistant and easy to clean, with the main benefit of reflecting heat back into the tyre making the heating process extremely efficient.