Stilo Helmet ST5-F Carbon

Stilo Helmet ST5-F Carbon


Stilo Helmet ST5-F - Carbon


Regarded as the world's most advanced helmet in the market.


The ST5F features professional level electronics which has its connection plug integrated in the side of the shell resulting in no hanging cables from the helmet.


This Carbon helmet is very light and strong. The shell is designed to allow fitting of a quick release drinking-system during competition.


Drinking system available as an optional extra - see our website for accessories.


• Shell Material: Constructed of normal tensile carbon.

• Comfort: Various density foam used to offer maximum support and comfort.

• Ventilation: Features 8 holes on the top of the shell which channels air flow to keep the user cool. Along with front vents the airflow reduces visor fogging.

• Aperture: The aperture is moved downwards compared to other helmets on the market to offer more vision around the cockpit.

• Visor: Supplied with clear visor as standard c/w tear off posts. ST5 visors feature an innovative central locking, two position mechanism.

• Earmuffs: Supplied with optional noise reduction earmuffs which assure excellent isolation from external noises.

• Microphone:Fitted with a magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone.


Small Shell - Sizes: XS (54), S (55), M (57), L(59), Weight: 1350g*.
Large Shell - Sizes: L+ (60), XL (61), XXL (63), Weight: 1400g*.
*Weights are +/- 30g and include intercom

Factory fitted HANS Post anchors as standard

Snell 2015 & FIA 8859-2020 Approved