Schuberth Helmet SF3 - FIA 8860 ABP

Schuberth Helmet SF3 - FIA 8860 ABP


With more than 20 years of providing top drivers in F1, IndyCar and other top series,
with the safest and most technological advanced helmets, today the SF3 ABP
representt the state of the art of our range.


Currently worn in Formula 1 by Max Verstappen | Carlos Sainz Jr | Sergio Perez | Mick Schumacher 


Carbon fiber helmet with the latest SCHUBERTH technology and approved according to the latest, strictest and most rigorous FIA 8860 ABP regulation, which considers the motorsport helmet as a protection tool more and more valuable and safe, and therefore subjected to increasingly demanding and disruptive tests. A real gem.

SCHUBERTH SF3 ABP Carbon main features

- Composition: The SCHUBERTH SF3 helmet is made up of four different carbon fabrics, one of which, called T1000, is predominant compared to the others, as it is used in the aerospace industry and for the production of single-seater helmets of Formula 1 cars.

Weight: The helmet shell is extremely resistant, maintaining a low weight (around 1.4 kg) thanks to the carbon stratification and the use of the latest generation materials.

Ventilation: The 16 ventilation inlets guarantee optimal air circulation inside the helmet.

Aerodynamics: The design of the helmet shell was developed in the wind tunnel to achieve ideal aerodynamics after a long series of intensive tests.

Configuration: Each SF3 can be adapted to the individual needs of the car and the driver with various aerodynamic appendages and air intakes (ailerons, dividers, spoons).


All standard visors are Pinlock® 120 fog resistant lens, clear tear-off buttons and clear locking lever equipped.
Rain visor is adhesive fog resistant lens, clear tear-off buttons and clear locking lever equipped.