Power Steering - Pro Race System

Power Steering - Pro Race System


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The Pro Race steering system is designed to be an entry level electric power assisted steering system for competition and track use.

The MGU is installed inline between the steering wheel and the steering rack (the internal torque sensor detects the amount of driver steering input and then engages the electric motor to assist).
The Pro Column is a complete height adjustable steering column.

The Pro Race Wiring harness comes complete with a 6 position rotary control (off and 5 levels of assistance) fixed by factory set maps.



EPAS Pro Race System Technical Specification

Operating Voltage Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum current draw 70 Amps
Average current draw Circuit dependent
System Weight: MGU & Pro Race ECU 5.7kg / 12.57lbs
System Weight: Column & Pro Race ECU 7.9kg / 17.41lbs
Maximum Torque Output 90NM / 66lb ft.
No Load Rotation Speed 900 degrees per second



Optional Accessories

Part No. Description
EPAS114 Output Universal Joint
EPAS116 Input Universal Joint
EPAS118 Input Straight Coupler
EPAS119 Input Straight Coupler (¾ Bore)