Power Steering - Microsteer System

Power Steering - Microsteer System


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DCE Microsteer's unique Tuning Box allows the driver to manually adjust the level of steering assistance with the rotary potentiometer, as well as providing the option to switch to wheelspeed mode (making the system speed sensitive, with steering automatically becoming lighter at parking speeds, while reducing assistance at higher speeds).


EPAS200 DCE Microsteer Technical Specification

Operating Voltage Nominal 13.8V DC
Maximum current draw 30 Amps
Average current draw – Amps (normal urban use): Less than 2 Amps
System Weight: MGU & ECU 4.4kg / 9.70lbs
Maximum Torque Output 32Nm / 24lb.ft
IP Rating: IP67
Operating Temperature: -20 to 120°C /-4 to 248°F
Motor Rated Power 220 Watt
MGU Spline Pattern 17mm-36 both ends