4L SPA Alloy Electric Fire System

4L SPA Alloy Electric Fire System


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Spa Manufactured


The SPA 4.0 Litre Aluminium Electric extinguisher kit is ideal for sedan and rally and was the factory fitted system in the 996/997 Porsche cup cars. The electric actuation can be turned on and off through a internally battery powered power pack. This allows protection against accidentally setting the system off when in the workshop / pits. 


The 4.0 Litre capacity foam based extinguishant ("Lite" AFFF) is dispensed evenly to both the engine bay and cockpit via 6 specially designed nozzles to give fast knock down and fire out times.  

This FIA approved system comes as a complete kit ready to install.


All FIA extinguishers have a 10 year bottle life with servicing required every 2 years.


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